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Wet Strength Agent
Wet Strength Agent
Wet Strength Agent

Wet Strength Agent

Model NO.
CAS 68583-79-9
US $ 730.00-760.00 / ton
Minimum order quantity:
1 ton
Supply Ability:
2000 ton / Month
Country of Origin:
Stock Time:
15 Days
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Wet Strength Agent

  1. Product features

PAE paper wet strength agent is polyamide epichlorohydrin resin, which is a water-soluble cationic thermosetting resin. It is an excellent wet strength agent for paper making.PAE molecular chain contains groups with strong positive electric charge, which can strongly adsorb with negatively charged fibers or fillers. After heating, cross-linking and curing occur between the molecules, resulting in obvious wet strength properties of the paper.It is efficient, suitable for neutral papermaking, easy to recycle damaged paper or waste paper, non-toxic and so on.PAE is suitable for making all kinds of paper with wet strength. Besides being used as a wet strength agent, it can also be used as a retention aid of emulsion rosin gum and strengthened rosin gum, a synergistic agent of neutral sizing agent, and a cationic starch modifier to improve the dimensional stability of paper.



Light yellow transparent liquid

Content (%)






Relative Density


Shelf life


3)The main Application:

This product is one kind of none formaldehyde polymer nonpoisonous and odourless hydrogen ion index range is wide. Suitable for in neutral copying paper under the alkaline condition a littleand it increases wet strong result and it is obviously superior to urea aldehyde and resingather cyanogen amine and formaldehyde resin three times.

4) functions and USES

1. Obvious humidification effect:

Wet strength agent with the traditional urea formaldehyde or melamine formaldehyde resin, adding in the same dosage, the enhancement effect is obvious, according to the different pulp raw material and adding different doses can improve the wet strength commonly 80-100%, at the same time also can improve the dry strength, also due to the strong positive charge of molecular chain and the effect of fiber, but also can increase the pulp drainability and writing speed, improve the packing, plastic material and micro fiber micro retention rate, the other in the feel of paper also than urea formaldehyde or melamine formaldehyde resin such as soft, absorbent.

2. Wide PH range:

Since the wet strength agent itself is cationic, it can be absorbed by the fiber in a wide range of PH values from acidic to alkaline, achieving a good effect without the presence of aluminum sulfate. When the condition is neutral to slightly alkaline, the wet strength agent is more suitable for curing and has a better effect.

5) packaging and storage:

This product is packed with polyethylene plastic barrel the net weight 200kg per barrel. This product should be avoided storing under the freezing point and under the high temperature the most suitable temperature of storing is 5-22 degrees Centigrade this product is under according with above-mentioned conditions

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