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Barrier Emulsion
Barrier Emulsion
Barrier Emulsion

Barrier Emulsion

Model NO.
US $ 5.50-9.50 / kilograms
Minimum order quantity:
200 kilograms
Supply Ability:
200MT kilograms / Year
Country of Origin:
Stock Time:
7 Days
This product is fluorine-free water-based coating emulsion.

Technical Data Sheet


The Main Data:

Product name: High Performance Barrier Emulsion (GL-T01H)


GL-T01H is a high performance barrier emulsion based on styrene-acrylic and acrylic systems with excellent film forming properties and comprehensive blocking performance. The film or coating obtained with GL-T01H has excellent resistance to grease (OGR) and water resistance. (Cobb) performance, moisture-proof (MVTR) performance, can replace fluorine-based water and oil repellent for waterproof and oil-proof paper and cardboard (package) surface treatment including food contact packaging materials). GL-T01H can be used in paper, paper processing, non-woven processing surface treatment such as sizing, coating, etc., and matching to most coating methods.


  1. Excellent oil and grease resistance (OGR) performance.
  2. Good waterproof performance (Cobb).
  3. Good moisture resistance (MVTR) performance.
  4. Compatible with pigment systems.
  5. Conforms to US FDA 21CFR 176.170

The main Application & Usage:

-Used for anti-oil, anti-grease, waterproof and moisture-proof treatment of food packaging paper and paperboard, oil-proof special paper, high waterproof special paper, oil-proof film, etc.

-Applied alone or in combination in pigment systems, single or multiple coatings. Multiple coating and single coating at the same coating amount compared with the cloth, the film opacity and barrier properties of GL-T01H can be significantly improved. Matching coating methods include metering rods, scraping knives, steam knives, intaglios, etc. It is recommended to conduct a lab test before formal use to determine the best application conditions.

Quality Standard:


Light yellow emulsion



Viscosity (Brookfield #2/20 rpm,mPa·s)


Solid content


Ionic characteristics


Storage & Packing:

Packed in 200kgs drum or 1000kgs IBC drum. 

Sealed and stored at 0-40 °C to avoid high temperature, freezing, humidity and direct sunlight. The shelf life is 12 months under good storage conditions.

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