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AKD Curing Agent
AKD Curing Agent
AKD Curing Agent

AKD Curing Agent

Model NO.
US $ 1,100.00-1,200.00 / ton
Minimum order quantity:
1 ton
Supply Ability:
2500 ton / Month
Country of Origin:
Stock Time:
15 Days
It is in AKD neutral-alkaline sizing system,greatly limiting the AKD hydrolysis and migration tendencies.On the other hand,due to AKD sizing has curing time,so after add in this high cationic polymer product,AKD curing decrease to be about 8 hours,usually after rewinding,AKD sizing can realize 80% above.It is also called AKD promoter or AKD sizing enhancing agent.

AKD Curing Agent

  1. Product features

This product is a kind of cationic polymer, which can solve the AKD curing lag problem with different paper types and different sizing conditions.As an accelerator and fungicide, AKD emulsion is added into AKD emulsion to provide cationic grouping protection mechanism for high solid content AKD emulsion. Using AKD curing accelerator produced by our company can reduce sizing cost, shorten curing time, and greatly limit the hydrolysis and migration tendency of AKD products to provide protection.

  1. Performance index


Transparent to Light Yellow Viscosity Liquid

Solid Content(%)


Viscosity(mpa.s 25℃)


PH Value


Shelf Life



positive ion

  1. Usage

The new sizing agent produced after the modification of AKD emulsion with this product is widely applicable to neutral or alkaline systems, which solves the problem that the traditional AKD can be cured in 24 hours after the machine is finished. After the use, the curing time of the machine is greatly shortened, and the excellent water resistance performance is achieved, so as to achieve a good sizing effect.

This product needs to be added in AKD emulsion in a certain proportion, and the amount can be increased or decreased according to the actual situation.

  1. Packaging 

Packed in 200kg or 1000kg plastic drums or IBC drums.

5) Precautions

1. The shelf life of this product is 12 months in dark and normal temperature.

2. Avoid contact with strong oxidants during transportation and storage.

6)Main description:

Polymer emulsifier is a kind of cationic polymer, which is a product independently developed by our r&d department.It can not only emulsify AKD wax, but also protect the dispersibility and retention of AKD colloid, and improve the AKD sizing effect (2%-8%).High stability and better color fixation of AKD emulsion can be achieved by mechanical stirring, and the hydrolysis of AKD can be greatly reduced during storage and sizing.Finally, the storage time of AKD emulsion was more than 6 months, which was longer than that of starch emulsified AKD emulsion.The resulting AKD emulsion has a faster curing effect.

7)Main uses

The emulsifier greatly limited the hydrolysis and migration capacity of AKD.It can replace starch based emulsifier and AKD curing agent, and reduce the use of AKD wax.The final AKD emulsion of this polymeric emulsifier can achieve 80% sizing effect. After the paper making machine, it can almost completely realize sizing after rewinding, which can make the paper obtain a good waterproof effect immediately, so the smaller surface sizing agent can meet all sizing requirements.

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