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About Us

Environmental & Sustainable Solutions Provider for Paper Industry

We Greatland prides ourselves as the supplier of chemical solutions provider for paper industry. With highly experienced expertise, forward-looking innovation ability and strong integration advantages, we provide our customers with excellent chemicals and best practical solutions, adding maximum value to our customers’ continuous development and great success. At Greatland, we firmly believe that chemistry can better our world, and our safe and sustainable chemicals are contributing to our daily lives.<meta name="google-site-verification" content="Ao0JMedgiaC1wDc3Dn5Fd3YfVR5js8NHs5KVEXcGt00" />

How we perceive our careers

Paper, as a renewable and sustainable natural product, from cultural paper, tissue paper, to exquisite packaging paper, has a bright future and huge potential in end uses. We human need paper!

Meanwhile, as one of China’s Four Great Invention, papermaking has made a significant contribution to the development of world civilization, and also surely will address the great rejuvenation of our Chinese nation.

Our core competitiveness



We aim for both material and spiritual happiness of all our personnel and their family, make efforts and be kind to promote innovative development and improvement of papermaking industry with our partners, and make human society even better.



Devote to be a benchmark organization for the living law of conscience, and a model of a century enterprise pursuit of happiness .



Modesty-Altruism, Environmental High- Efficiency,Pragmatism-Innovation, Concentration-Perseverance